Is the app available for phones, tablets, or browsers other than Chrome?

At the moment the extension is only for Chrome, but anybody can access the political action tools and resources that are provided in the app by going to the action guide.

I installed it, now what?

Once installed, the extension should ask you a few questions to personalize your settings. After you've completed them you can sit back and go about your business until the countown timer runs out, at which point the extension will automatically remind you to take action.

What happens if I read news on more than one computer?

The extension has the ability to sync your timer across multiple computers, as long as they use the same Chrome account. To access this function you will need to allow Chrome to sync your extensions across computers, which you can find instructions for here.

Do different actions affect the timer differently?

Yes, they do. We figure that for most people attending a march, organizing in the community, or going to a town hall would be more time and labor intensive than donating, writing, or calling. So as a reward for going the extra mile, the more difficult actions will add more time to your timer than the easier ones will.

Sometimes after I act, the timer doesn't change. What gives?

Taking action resets the timer to your personal news-reading limit. This means that if you are already at the limit (from taking action very recently), or if you are above the limit (from the extra time gained from a difficult action), a new action will not change the timer.

What if I do something that isn't on the actions list?

In order for the extension to let you go back to reading, we recommend selecting the action that is most similar to yours. Then please reach out and tell us what you did! If any other actions seem to be popular with users then we will add them to the list and find useful resources to help others get involved.

How does it know when I'm reading about politics?

That judgement is based on the percentage of words in your current page that are related to politics (e.g. senator, government, politician). If at any point it seems like the app is mistaken about the page you are on, please let us know so we can improve the algorithm.

So wait, is this extension tracking everything I do online?

No! While it does have access to the words printed on the page you are viewing, none of the past or present user data is saved.

Who are you?

Read, Act was created by Jordan Dworkin, a biostatistics PhD student with a passion for politics, and designed by Aurora Jensen, a building scientist-in-training with a deep belief in the American people.


Read, Act

Philadelphia, PA

jordandworkin [at] gmail.com