Action Guide

Below are the tips and links included in the Read, Act extension. We've made this page public to support anyone who wants access to resources and guides for getting involved.


The website Philanthropedia maintains a list of national and local non-profit groups organized by cause. Also, Matching Donations is a great resource for finding people who have offered to match donations to certain organizations.


Write To Congress is useful for finding the names and addresses of your local, state, and federal representatives. It also provides an easy interface with prepared letters on a wide range of current issues.


Call My Congress is a great tool for finding the names and phone numbers of your local representatives, and this script is a good place to start if you've never called a legislator before.


At the moment, Facebook seems to be the best way to find out about marches and rallies in your area. Simply searching "march" or "rally" does a pretty good job at finding the major upcoming events.


You can find a list of local groups taking action over at Indivisible. The team at My Civic Workout also has a thorough list of national and local organizations grouped by policy focus.


For a list of local town halls, office hours, and other events, check out the Town Hall Project website. Before attending a town hall with your member of congress, reading through this guide can be helpful.

If you are aware of relevant tools or organizations that are not listed above, feel free to reach out to contact [at] with suggestions.


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